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Proclaimed in January 2002, Boardwalk Meander Estate (situated on the eastern-most border of Pretoria) is approximately 85% developed and has become one of the most sought after estates. It is made up of 247 full title stands and 247 upmarket sectional title units - 494 landowners.

The Estate boasts a number of amenities such as squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, children's play park, paved and wooden bridges and walkways along the scenic banks of four lakes that border the northern boundary of the Estate.

The Estate includes magnificent bird life that can be viewed from many vantage points, including bird hides and walkways bordering the lakes, as well as a magnificent jetty from which the children love to feed the many wild ducks that seem to have taken up permanent residency.

The Estate is governed by an elected Board of Directors that meets monthly to discuss ways in which to achieve their stated objective being "To create a secure, aesthetically appealing, tranquil, harmonious and elegant environment for the residents".

The estate employs three full time employees who, in conjunction with a number of committees, jointly maintain strict control and adherence to the Rules and Regulations governing the security, design aesthetics, and estate gardens.

Security within the Estate is regarded as a priority. The Estate is secured by a state of the art automatic triggered CCTV video surveillance system on the entire 4.7km perimeter plus strategic points within the Estate, a SAGEM finger print biometric access control system, an electric fence as well as 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols including guard dogs, plus radio communication to armed response.

Included in the monthly levy, residents have access to a state of the art WIMAX 802-16-E Internet facility including free on net telecommunications between residents, plus access to external telephone lines at a dramatically reduced cost.


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